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Rey and Dominik Mysterio Talk About Not Wanting To Feud With Each Other

During an interview with BT Sport, Rey and Dominik Mysterio talked about how a feud between each other in the future is unlikely.

REY: “We actually talked about that during his first couple of weeks of training. I remember sitting down with him, and telling him … ‘Could you imagine if you started working and then we teamed up and eventually, you know, whether I turned on you or you turned on me?’ Yeah, that would be cool…

“Over time, it’s like, I don’t think we can do that. Our connection has been so tight, you know, from day one, the age of seven, and Eddie Guerrero and myself. I don’t think that it would be — storyline-wise, it might be attractive, but I need to feel it at the moment, during that time. Right now, I feel like we just, we have a really tight bond, but it would be something special.”

Dominik: “Where I am now, I would’ve never in a million years thought, you know, two years in I’d be former Smackdown Tag Team Champion with my dad … No, [I’d] never [turn on him].”

Photo Credit: WWE

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