Is Mick Foley Interested In Wrestling One Last Match?

Appearing at Starrcast V, Mick Foley was asked by Conrad Thompson about wrestling one final match in the future.

“Little known fact, my last actual match was against Ric in TNA. The only other thing I did in-ring after that was Royal Rumble 2012 and I did the thing where I came down against League of Nations WrestleMania (32). That’s not really a match if your opponents are forbidden from even touching you. I’m on the no touch list. This is my remembrance. I had lost 50 big ones [pounds], clearly put them all back on, I found those 50 big ones, and then some. I was down to 288 from 328, feeling good, but I hadn’t been in the ring in years. Sheamus comes up to me and goes, ‘I want you to hit me as hard as you can.’ I said, ‘I think I can make it look good without doing that.’ He goes, ‘As hard as you can, fella. As hard as you can.’ I hit that hardheaded SOB about 25 times to the point where I actually thought they sped up the tape because I didn’t think I could move that fast. To this day, I can still point to the spot on my forearm that is sore from hitting him six years ago and he was fine a minute later. Ric and I had a really good match with a lot of intensity. That was a great final match for me. I don’t count the part where I almost lit Frank The Clown’s testicles on fire. That was a confrontation,”

The last time Mick Foley wrestled was against Ric Flair in October of 2010 during an episode of Impact Wrestling.

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Transcript: Fightful

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