Report: AEW Locker Room Split Over CM Punk & “Hangman” Adam Page Situation

According to Bryan Alvarez, the AEW locker room is firmly split after CM Punk seemingly buried Adam Page on Dynamite this week.

According to Alvarez on the Wrestling Observer Radio show, a lot of people were unhappy about how Punk called out Page and called him a coward. Alvarez also notes that Punk does have his supporters backstage who believe that the star shouldn’t take all the heat over the situation.

“The gist of it is Hangman was upset with CM Punk and he used that as part of his promo to build up the pay-per-view. Punk was very angry about that and he has been angry about it ever since and so he came out and he did what he did. Punk wants Hangman to apologise for that promo. This has nothing to do with storyline, he went into business for himself. Hangman is supposed to be the babyface here and he made your babyface look like a coward,” Alvarez said.

“There were plenty of people backstage furious at CM Punk because Hangman is a well-liked guy, everybody loves Hangman, and they felt bad for him and they were upset with Punk. Now, of course, Punk has friends as well and he has supporters. His supporters are angry because they believe that Hangman was the one who started this and so why is CM Punk taking all of this heat when Hangman is the guy that started this whole thing? I know it’s wrestling, I know that people think everything is a work or this is an MJF deal, I’m telling you I’ve talked to so many people, it’s not. This is a real situation.”

Photo Credit: AEW

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