Dax Harwood Comments On What Is Next For FTR As Their AEW Contracts Expire Soon

As reported by fightful, Sean Ross Sapp had a conversation with AEW’s Dax Harwood before his match with Bryan Danielson.

Dax Harwood stated to fightful that he is led to believe his current contract with AEW would end late April, and they originally thought that it would be up last year. However, he told fightful that he is evaluating his options and that he and Cash Wheeler have had many conversations about their future. One idea the two mentioned is that they take a year off the wrestling for the major companies and just do things that are fun to them. He told Sapp that having the opportunity to work more indies and various companies have led them to find out how much they love that landscape.

Harwood spoke about his passion for the wrestling business and said that it sometimes comes across in a way he doesn’t intend to detractors.

Author: Kurt Teale

Photo Credit: AEW

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