Latest News On William Regal’s WWE Return

Nearly the end for William Regal and AEW:

William Regal is essentially finished with AEW and is likely heading back to WWE according to a report from Fightful. As stated in the report word was that Regal’s deal was up in December 2022 hence why he was written off TV, and another Fightful source said that Regal was “done” after the MJF a angle on dynamite which saw Regal being taken out on a stretcher and put in an ambulance.

According to Fightful sources in AEW believe he is finished with the company and sources in WWE believe that that’s Regal’s destination, supposedly Triple H was very unhappy that Regal left in the first place as the two have a very good relationship off screen.

Regal signed with AEW in January and although there were conflicting reports on the length of his deal, EC3 has stated that Regal regretted joining AEW fairly early on.
In and interview on Sportskeeda’s Wrestling outlaws EC3 said: “When he went over to AEW, the word was, he said, ‘I immediately regret this decision, there’s very much a maturity issue here within management’ “

Regal certainly seems to be finalising his WWE return.

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo Credit: AEW

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