MJF The Last Run A Fantasy Booking Adventure

MJF will face AEW World Champion Jon Moxley in the main event of the upcoming Full Gear pay-per-view.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman cashed in and claimed he wants to do things the right way and not cheat. But are we forgetting that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist?

Is our dear little fucker planning something bigger with The Firm, or did the new stable lead by Stokely plant the seeds for a MJF face turn.
The Full Gear pay-per-view appears to be spoiled by the news that John Moxley is leaving on his much deserved holidays, but if Maxwell doesn’t win the big one, what will happen? I want to try to fantasy book it, I have been Fantasy booking angles since I was a kid and played with my Max Steel toys, Bionicles or when I played No Mercy on my 64.


While speaking to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, MJF confirmed that he signed a new deal with AEW without any contract extension. Rumors have been saying that maybe he has already signed an extension, but we will not know until January 1st 2024 rolls around and the Devil goes to the highest bidder.
If that’s the case, why should Tony Khan let MJF get his hands on the most prestigious prize in his company? Tony should do anything and everything to stop that. One could even say Tony should screw MJF out of the title.

That’s why this storyline starts at the main event of Full Gear. MJF and Moxley have a great match, with the “Salt of the earth” doubts between cheating or not. There is a ref bump and that’s when MJF tries to take out his ring, but he decides not to use it. Moxley gets him on the “Death Rider” 1,2…MJF manages to kick out in the last second. We get a 2nd ref bump, but this is where The Firm, let say W. Morrissey attacks MJF and takes him out and a reluctant Moxley makes the cover. The Firm keeps coming after MJF on the following weeks. They acknowledge that somebody else has hired them and that their new boss have given them a new mission: Keep MJF out of the title picture.

He faces Ethan Page at Chicago but loses because of shenanigans, at the following weeks we have a full war between MJF and members of the firm. You can have MJF being more sympathetic and trying to get wrestlers to help him fight the good fight. We could have a mini Pinnacle reunion, with the Gunn Club and Moriarty facing MJF and FTR.

And at Winter is coming, MJF finally puts away Morrissey and Hathaway and The Firm announced that their contract has come to an end, the stable is disbanded.
MJF keeps pledging week by week that he’s chasing the title fairly. He keeps being the underdog in this “authority storyline” with him facing opponents every week.
At New Year Smash, MJF finally gets another shot at the title, but this is when a new hire gun arrives: Eddie Kingston. Hear me out, Eddie could go full corporate Champ with Tony Khan finally coming forward as the mastermind behind the MJF attacks. He knew he needed Eddie because he has been loyal to AEW, Moxley has been tainted but Eddie no, Eddie just want to fight and well finally have a chance at the big one.
He’s the one that takes the title away from Moxley with the help of Tony Khan. MJF and Kingston will have awesome promo battles, just imagine them. At Battle of the Belts, we get a screw job. The year continues with MJF winning the title at Double of Nothing. He does it thanks to Moxley helping him face off Khan and Kingston and this where you build MJF has a heel again because let’s face it, he is pretty good at the prick role.
He faces and beats everybody until Full Gear 2023, where he should face Wardlow, because we need to go full circle and if someone deserves the big pop for destroying MJF is him.

Here, we can have two choices:
• MJF wins, “leaves” at the end of his contract, and you ran the
same storyline as CM Punk and Cena but this time you manga to keep Maxwell away for a while we have the whole tournament (because tournaments rule).
• MJF loses and leaves AEW on his back, and with Wardlow you enter a new era.

Author: Alfonso Siman

Photo Credit: AEW

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