Jim Ross Never Wants To Talk About The Montreal Screwjob Again

Back in 1997 the wrestling world was shook to its core when Vince Mcmahon screwed over Bret Hart leading to the hitman leaving for WCW. To this day, people still debate the incident on whether it was a work or a shoot. 

However, Jim Ross who commentated at the event, recently made it clear that he never wants to talk about the incident again. Ross said: 

“I hated that son of a bitch. If we never talk about that [Survivor Series] again ever in my life, I’ll be very content ….  Having to relive it again and again, and then Conrad and I, he showed some interviews this time. Me interviewing Vince, and [then he said] ‘Bret screwed Bret.’ Well, what were you thinking when you said that?” 

Jim Ross on ‘Grilling JR’ 

Bret Hart recently spoke about the incident and making amends with Shawn Michaels, you can read about that [HERE].

AUTHOR: Jai Timms

Photo Credit: WWE

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