Some People Within AEW Are Not Happy With Dax Harwood’s Podcast

Reports say some in AEW are not happy with Dax Harwood’s podcast:

FTR’s Dax Harwood’s recent podcast has not been taken well by some backstage according to reports.

With obvious hostilities between CM Punk and the Elite, stemming back to the All Out PPV, it’s not a surprise to know that Harwood’s comments about CM Punk on the inaugural edition of his podcast have not gone down well with some. The podcast focussed on Punk quite a lot with Dax commenting on his relationship with the former 2 time AEW World Champion and what he bought to the locker room backstage, whilst also issuing a plea for both parties to reconcile their differences.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez both reported there were people in AEW unhappy with Harwood’s comments on his podcast: “From what I heard from different people, not the people who you probably heard from, they were not particularly happy at all about this,” Meltzer said.
Alvarez added: “All I heard the other day was how unhappy people were about that podcast.”

Meltzer also suggested that there needs t be an AEW team meeting to discuss certain situations because quite clearly, not everyone is on the same page: “This is what they need, I’ve said this before and they’ve done it. They need a team meeting on Wednesday in Seattle. They need to get this stuff cleared up and get everyone on the same page because they’re not…”

Punk’s status is still unknown, with reports stating that The EVPs, and Chris Jericho among others, will not allow The Second City Saint to wrestle in AEW again.

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo: AEW

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