Kenny Omega Reveals Why He Was Never Really Interested In Wrestling In WWE

Kenny Omega reveals why he was never interested by WWE:

Kenny Omega has been a pro for over 20 years, and in the past few years with AEW and previous years before that with New Japan Pro Wrestling, he has built an impressive reputation as one of the best wrestlers in the world with his incredible matches and in ring style. However Omega has never worked at WWE. In 2005, The Best Bout Machine had a stint with Deep South Wrestling, which was a developmental territory for WWE but only lasted a year before he requested his release. WWE have tried to sign him on numerous occasions since but to no avail.

In a recent interview with
Monthly Puroresu, IWGP and AEW world champion talked about his career and his brief run with DSW in 2005, and more importantly how that deterred him from carrying on with WWE. Omega said: “I felt unsure of my understanding of the professional wrestling business, I had thought some of the greatest talents, what made them successful was because they were so unique and special athletes in their own way, and [they] were in charge of their own character.”

The AEW EVP talked about the vibe of working for a developmental brand and went on further to say: “It’s sort of drilled into you, ‘No, you’re not your own person. You’re our person! And we own you!’… My worry at that point was if this is what wrestling is… maybe this isn’t what I fell in love with.”

Using the power of hindsight, I think Omega probably made the right decision leaving!

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo: AEW

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