News On How Much Money Nick Khan Will Receive When WWE Is Sold

WWE CEO Nick Khan looks like he set a massive payday once WWE is sold according to Conrad Thompson.

Speaking on What Happened When, Conrad Thompson said a WWE sale has been brewing for a while.

“I’ve been saying on this program for a while that WWE was going to sell. You know why I said that? Because I knew. Remember when Nick Khan first joined WWE? When he joined, he was an agent. I happen to have some friends who need representation like that. My friend was represented by the same company that Nick Khan was sort of running. When my friend sees that this guy who runs this big agency is now going to WWE, he thought, ‘what the fuck this doesn’t make any sense.’ He called his contact, ‘What’s up with Nick going (to WWE)?’ He said, this is years ago, [Nick] has a deal with Vince where his contract gets a big payday when he helps facilitate a sale. He told me the number, I won’t say the number because that’s talking about someone’s money and that’s not cool, but let’s say this, it’s more than AEW’s TV contract is for a year. It’s a lot. I’ve heard back channel, before Mean Gene [Gene Okerlund] passed, he said, ‘I heard from…’ I won’t say who he heard from, ‘when the stock gets to so and so…’ this has been brewing for a while,”

It should be noted that AEW’s tv deal is worth around $45 million yearly.

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Author: Craig Smith

Photo Credit: WWE

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