Saraya Says She’d Love To Wrestle Guys In AEW

Saraya wants to wrestle guys in AEW and has also said “let me beat up Chris Jericho”. After debuting in AEW last year, Saraya has wrestled two matches after a 5 year hiatus from the ring due to a serious neck injury where she was actually forced into premature retirement. She has faced male opponents before in her career and by the sounds of it, wouldn’t mind doing it again.

“It is, but you know, I feel people are really sensitive in this world, currently. It’s really hard to do matches like that without someone being offended by it. I would love to do matches like that,” Saraya told DJ Whoo Kid when he talked about wrestling being an equal opportunity business while discussing inter gender matches.

Saraya also went on to say her boyfriend Ronnie Radke would like to see her wrestle Chris Jericho: It writes itself. Ronnie even wanted to become part of it. A storyline, do something against Chris Jericho. He’s such a good bad guy. He plays a very good bad guy, and people love to hate him. I feel they [Ronnie and Jericho] would have a good storyline. I would love to wrestle one of the guys. If I have to beat up Chris Jericho, Jericho would be up for it. He doesn’t care, he’s a very selfless worker. He’s a good guy. He’ll wrestle anybody and if he has to let somebody win, he’ll be like, ‘Absolutely.’ There is never an ego there. He just wants to help people. I’m like, ‘Let me beat you. Let me beat you up.’ I’m gonna beat the shit out him, he’ll be fine,”

It remains to be seen if inter gender wrestling will catch on and become a thing, but certainly in the past few years, we’ve seen it more and more, with women’s wrestling being showcased a lot more in the last 5 years or so, in multiple promotions. The biggest recent example is Tessa Blanchard’s reign as Impact World Champion in 2019.

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo: AEW

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