Big Update On Jeff Hardy’s DUI Court Case

Jeff Hardy’s Pre Trial Hearing Is Set For January 18th: After multiple delays and postponements, Jeff Hardy is finally set for his pre trial hearing. In June 2022, Hardy was arrested on 3 charges including a DUI, not the first time Hardy was charged for one of those. Hardy’s legal team waived the right toContinue reading “Big Update On Jeff Hardy’s DUI Court Case”

Ricky Starks Wants To Appear In Marvel & DC Movies

As reported by Fightful, Ricky Starks sees a big future for himself.Starks has been fairly open in past interviews about his future goals in wrestling and in life, saying he wants to star in movies and tv shows. Starks spoke to GVWire, he reiterated his Hollywood aspirations and said he could see himself doing MarvelContinue reading “Ricky Starks Wants To Appear In Marvel & DC Movies”