Big Update On Jeff Hardy’s DUI Court Case

Jeff Hardy’s Pre Trial Hearing Is Set For January 18th:

After multiple delays and postponements, Jeff Hardy is finally set for his pre trial hearing.

In June 2022, Hardy was arrested on 3 charges including a DUI, not the first time Hardy was charged for one of those. Hardy’s legal team waived the right to a speedy trial after his initial hearing was set for July 2022, they wanted an extra 60 days to help with Hardy’s defence. Further delays were granted, with the last one being granted after one hearing was set for December 2022.

Hardy could face up to 5 years imprisonment if found guilty, with the main charge being a felony charge under Florida law. Since the incident, Hardy has been suspended without pay by AEW, with AEW stating that Hardy will not return until he completes a course of rehab and he can prove he can maintain sobriety. This is not the first time Hardy has been in trouble as this is his 3rd DUI in 10 years, as well as the infamously publicised TNA PPV, Victory Road in 2011, where Hardy came out for the main event clearly intoxicated.

Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy recently admittied on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast that he’s unsure if Jeff will ever return to wrestling.

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo: AEW

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