The Bloodline will hold a Tribal Court for Sami Zayn during tonight’s 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw. This is a huge change as the segment was originally go to be a acknowledgement ceremony featuring several members Anoa’i family.

This lead to rumours swirling that Vince McMahon had a hand in changing the direction in creative for the segment. However Dave Meltzer has gone on record to debunk these rumours.

“Regarding the questions on the changing of the Bloodline segment from an Acknowledgment ceremony with the family of Roman Reigns to the trial of Sami Zayn, rumors regarding this had to do with The Rock pulling out or Vince McMahon changing things are both false.

“Rock was never booked for the segment. The change was made because Afa & Sika & Rikishi were all not going to be able to be there.

“They were to be the key people but Afa & Sika were not ready for the trip and Rikishi got sick this week so the idea basically fell apart.

Photo Credit: WWE

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