Nick Wayne Talks About Not Being Paid While Under Contract With AEW

Nick Wayne signed an apprenticeship deal with AEW back in February 2022, which he was only 16 years old. However, the deal doesn’t officially begin until he turns 18 in July this year, but he has attended various AEW shows to learn the ropes and grasp the experience.

Wayne has been a standout performer on the Indies competing in high profile matches against the likes of Will Ospreay and Swerve Strickland.

Wayne discussed his AEW deal and more on Talk Is Jericho.
“As of right now, i can’t do any in-ring work with AEW until I turn 18, which will be in July. From now until then, it’s just a learning experience, learning TV wrestling, and how AEW does things,” he said.
When asked if he’s being paid by AEW, Wayne replied, “Not yet, not until July.”
Wayne was present on a episode of AEW Dynamite on January 4. He was sitting in the crowd for the Darby Allin Samoa Joe match where Darby won the AEW TNT Championship in the main event.

Asked about his potential AEW debut, Wayne said, “We don’t necessarily have a plan yet. Mainly, when I turn 18, I just want to continue to wrestle the best and continue to learn and become the best version of myself that I can. I always want to try to stay evolving and better myself. I don’t know whenever my prime will be, but I want to always try to feel like I’m in some type of prime, always trying to evolve in some type of way.”
Wayne is known for his in-ring ability, but admits he hasn’t gotten round to work on his promos as much as he’d like to.
“Very little on the Indies,” Wayne said when asked how much he gets to cut promos.

“Maybe post-match promos filmed on camera, but live ‘now or never,’ not very much, honestly. It’s something that I feel I need to work on and I’d like to work on, I like to cut promos in the shower or the mirror, it’s the best practice. If I have a weak point that I’d like to become stronger, it would be cutting promos.”

Wayne recently wrestled at GCW Take A Picture where he teamed up with Jordan Oliver to challenge Los Mazisos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) for the GCW Tag Team Championship.

Author: Kurt Teale

Photo Credit: AEW

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