Darby Allin Reveals Sting Dislocated His Knee At Grand Slam 2022

Sting has had a late career renaissance over the last couple of years working for AEW. The Icon has found himself primarily teaming with Darby Allin in speciality tag matches, often throwing himself off of some kind of stage or structure in those matches.

According to Darby Allin, it seems Sting didn’t come away from every match without injury. The current TNT Champion revealed on the Hawk v Wolf podcast, that the Icon sustained a dislocated knee during a tag team match against Brody King and Buddy Matthews at Rampage Grand Slam in September 2022.

Darby said: “It was crazy. In the middle of the match in Arthur Ashe [Stadium], it’s like 20,000 people there in New York. In the middle of a match, his knee dislocates and I hear him screaming and he’s trying to put it back in place and it’s locked up…No (I didn’t physically see his knee dislocate in real time) because he has all these long pants on and stuff…But it was insane how he just finished the match. I was like, ‘Holy crap. This is insane’ “

Sting revealed at the end of last year that he got surgery to sort his knees out. The former WCW and WWE star is expected to retire when his contract runs out in 2023, with the 63 year old probably having a limited number of matches as his acclaimed career winds down.


Photo Credit: AEW

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

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