Eddie Kingston Pulls Out Of Dates In Europe To Attend Jay Briscoe’s Funeral

Eddie Kingston was scheduled to appear for OTT Wrestling in Europe this weekend, however Kingston is pulling out so that he can attend the funeral of much loved figure Jay Briscoe.

Kingston took to Twitter and vowed to make it up to the OTT fans after pulling out of three shows. Kingston tweeted: “I have personal shit to take care of this weekend and have to pull out of @OTT_wrestling. I talked to Joe and gave my word to make this up I promise. I just couldn’t miss what has to be done this weekend. I will make it up to everyone”

OTT replied to the tweet with some consolation for fans who will miss out: “Refunds will be offered, all meet and greets will be refunded.”

Kingston was due to face Leon Slater on Friday at OTT’s Homecoming show in Wolverhampton, England and then was booked for Saturday’s Homecoming event in Dublin, Ireland and also Sunday’s show of the same name in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Kingston was also booked for meet and greets at each show.

After his tragic passing, Jay Briscoe’s funeral is set to take place this Sunday at Laurel high school gym in Laurel, Delaware, where Jay resided before his untimely passing.


Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo Credit: AEW

Published by One Stop Wrestling

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