5 Wild Predictions For The Royal Rumble 2023

The Royal Rumble is 1 day away and the excitement is through the roof, fans all over the world are talking about one of the WWE’s biggest events of the year and sharing all of their wildest predictions for the show and some are intriguing whilst some are straight up outrageous. Today I give my 5 wildest predictions for The Royal Rumble, strap in.

Honourable mention: Simon Dean enters the Royal Rumble

5. Roman Reigns Wins It All

Roman Reigns has a busy night at the Royal Rumble when he defends his Undisputed universal heavyweight title against long time rival, Kevin Owens. Roman Reigns has had his hands full with Owens as of late which has seen The Tribal Chief have some issues with Owens’ long time friend/enemy and Honorary Uce Sami Zayn.

But what if Roman Reigns defeats Kevin Owens with the assistance of Sami Zayn, then enters the Rumble and uses Zayn to help him win again. Reigns would win the Rumble match and punch his ticket to Wrestlemania to face… himself? No, The Head of the Table will use this as a chance to choose his own opponent at Wrestlemania in Sami Zayn.

4. Gunther Breaks Records

In recent months Gunther has been nothing but dominant defending his Intercontinental title against the likes of Ricochet, Braun Strowman, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus and Shinsuke Nakamura. His dominance could roll over into the Royal Rumble and I can see Gunther matching the 13 eliminations record or maybe even breaks that record by eliminating 14 men including The Beast Brock Lesnar. This would undoubtedly push him further into his monster run he’s on.

3. AJ Lee Enters The Womens Royal Rumble

Here me out, I know its extremely unlikely that we see the former Divas champion back in the WWE but this is called wild predictions for a reason. We all know the CM Punk isn’t going to return to the WWE anytime soon, but we luckily cant say the same for his wife AJ Lee. Since she retired in 2-15, fans have been clamouring on for her return, and you know what they say, never say never. Imagine a face off between AJ Lee and Rhea Ripley or AJ and Liv Morgan. Seeing Lee would be an incredible sight in 2023.

2. Forbidden Door Entrances in both Rumble matches

Last year we saw the return of MickieJames in the womens Royal Rumble match when she came out with her Impact womens title and her Impact theme song ‘Hardcore Country’. This year has had the rumours of Jay White entering the Rumble match due to his contract status with NJPW but that’s not the only entrant I think will come through the forbidden door. Jay White, Mickie James, Minoru Suzuki, Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander are just a few names we could potentially see this year and I for one am all for it.

1. The Royal Rumble gets an Attitude

With the huge rumour that The Rock could make his triumphant return at the Royal Rumble, I believe that we will see a huge face off between two of the biggest stars the WWE has made. The wildest prediction on this list is, this years Royal Rumble match will see a huge face off between The Rock and Stone Cold for the first time since their last battle 20 years ago at Wrestlemania 19. With this it could be one of the biggest pops and moments of the entire year.

What are some of your wildest predictions for the Royal Rumble? Enjoy the show and lets get ready for the star of the road to Wrestlemania.

AUTHOR: Jai Timms

Photo Credit: WWE

Published by One Stop Wrestling

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