Booker T Reveals When He Found Out About His Royal Rumble Appearance

Talking on his The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T revealed he didn’t know about his Royal Rumble appearance until the Kick Off show.

“I was sitting at the table at the Kickoff show and I got a text message and it was the invite telling me, ‘Book, you’re in the Rumble’ and me, I’m old school dog, I’m old school. I went down in a Winnebago, right? So something told me, bring your gear, alright? Make sure you’re ready just so you don’t have to get ready or stay ready and boom, there it was. The text message came through and I said, okay, here we go. 

“Just like when I won the World Title, my first World Title, I had about ten minutes to warm up. So that’s what happened. I wasn’t warmed up, I went out to the ring cold. I didn’t have that gloss, I didn’t have the shine on me. I wasn’t lathered up, you know what I mean? And ready to go. I didn’t get to jump rope for 45 minutes to get the heart rate up, get the blood flowing, get the blood pumping…I would’ve won that damn Rumble if I would’ve just been able to prepare properly. That last-minute text message definitely slowed me down a lil bit”.


Photo Credit: WWE

H/T POST Wrestling

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