Adam Cole Provides Injury Update On Kyle O’Reilly

Speaking to Dave Meltzer & Garrett Gonzales on Wrestling Observer Radio, Adam Cole was able to provide an injury update on Kyle O’Reilly.

It’s still unknown when O’Reilly will be able to make a return to the ring.

“I talk to him every day. He’s doing good,” said Cole. “He’s doing really well. He’s in a situation now where he’s working so hard to make sure that he gets healthy as soon as he possibly can, but at the same time making sure that he doesn’t rush back. Kyle was really banged up and it got to a point where he kind of couldn’t take it anymore. I’m so glad that he got fixed and got healthy and is recovering day by day, every day. Early on in the process, I think he was so discouraged because there was so little that he was able to do, but now as time goes on and he’s starting to be able to do more and more in therapy and rehab, you see the excitement and wheels turning of him already thinking about how he can’t wait to get back. He’s in good spirits and he has a lot of people around him that love him a lot.”

Stay tuned for more updates:


Photo Credit: AEW

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