Jessie Godderz to become host of The Veteran Tv Project

After a number of meetings with producers, Jessie Godderz, also known a Mr. PEC-tacular, has been selected to present the new international TV series, The Veteran. The programme is being produced by Film Volt Ltd, who are also in conjunction with iCOGITATE Productions.

The show, has multiple award-winning executives behind the scenes, those include, the Executive Producer, Director and Cinematographer, Mark Busby.

OVW star Jessie, spoke exclusively to One Stop Wrestling regarding the big news! Jessie said:

“I am beyond thrilled to be the new US Host of the AMAZING new TV series THE VETERAN. I cannot wait for everyone to see this incredible new production. And I am especially honored to be working alongside my good friend Mark Busby from Film Volt Ltd. who is an absolute genius. I am truly Blessed.”

In addition to this news, Jessie has also been named host of the new Tv series, Whacked Out and the entire Whacked Out Sports Franchise. Whacked Out sports, currently airs on FOX Syndication.

We at One Stop Wresting would like to wish Jessie the best of luck in his new role.


Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Published by One Stop Wrestling

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