Top 10 Worst Moments In WWE History

There have been so many questionable things on WWE TV over the years, from bad booking, to controversial characters and offensive storylines. But today we’re going to take a look at the 10 worst moments in WWE history. By moments, we mean a segment or moment that drew near universal displeasure and left a bad taste in so many fan’s mouths. Long time fans will certainly be familiar with some of these moments, but for those who aren’t, apologies for what you’re about to read! Without further ado, here are our top 10 worst moments in WWE history.

10: Mae Young gives birth to a hand (Raw, Feb 2000)

Starting the list off in a trend that may continue.. is a segment from the attitude era. The backstory for this one is that Mark Henry, who after several failed pushes, became his Sexual Chocolate gimmick in 1999. Henry would become a sex addict and ladies man and would pursue a relationship with the legendary Mae Young who was in her mid 70s at the time. It led to Young becoming “pregnant” with Henry’s child, but after Bubba Dudley powerbombed her off the stage, she ended up having complications with the birth… and she ended up giving birth to a hand… a full sized man hand. Probably something that Vince McMahon found funny as there is no other explanation for the segment.

9: Shawn Michaels & “God” v Vince & Shane McMahon (Backlash 2006)

Good God this match (pardon the pun). HBK and the chairman Vince McMahon began a feud in early 2006 which led to Shawn crushing his boss at Wrestlemania 22. However the feud would spill over into Backlash as Vince decided to focus on Michael’s religious beliefs as part of the storyline, Shawn being a born again Christian in real life. Vince went low a lot of times as he took cheap shots at Shawn and actually compared himself to the Christian deity. When the match finally happened, “God” actually got an entrance, that in the form of a spotlight which trailed down to the ring and remained there for the rest of the match while Michael’s wrestled the McMahon’s 1 on 2. The match was bad, and the crowd showed their displeasure throughout, just a terrible idea and terrible execution.

8: Val Venis nearly loses his “Big Valbowski” (Raw, May 1998)

Another attitude era segment. Infamously known as “choppy choppy pee pee” Val Venis ended up nearly getting his actual penis chopped off by the Japanese faction Kaientai. It started when Val had an affair with Yamaguchi-San’s kayfabe wife which then led to the faction, dragging Val to the back hanging him up and swinging a samurai sword towards his penis. Next week Val came out barely able to walk but said he was saved by his friend and a bit of “shrinkage”. Absolutely ridiculous.

7: Al Snow gets fed his dog Pepper for dinner (Smackdown, September 1999)

Al Snow was famous for being accompanied by his sidekick “Head”. A mannequin head which Snow would often talk to and use as a weapon in his matches. When Head was spiked by Albert in the summer of 1999, Snow needed a new companion, in the form of his dog Pepper. This led to a storyline where Big Bossman kidnapped Al’s dog, and then invited him over for dinner to sort things out, the dinner being Pepper chopped up, and fed to an unsuspecting Al who ended up eating his own dog. This infamous angle led to the even more infamous Kennel From Hell Match which will also be on a list somewhere of awful WWE matches.

6: Brawl For All (Wrestlemania 14)

This one wasn’t so much a segment, but a series of segments, but ones so bad we thought they deserved a place on this list. An idea so bad that it was covered by the Dark Side Of The Ring documentary series. The Brawl For All was a legitimate shoot tournament that legitimately put the health and safety of wrestlers involved as some of them were not trained shoot fighters. The brainchild of polarising figure Vince Russo which can tell you a lot. Almost a boxing match, wrestlers would fight each other in 3, one minute rounds. Steve Williams, The Godfather and Steve Blackman among others all suffered injuries and the tournaments eventual winner, Bart Gunn, would go on to Wrestlemania 14 and get legitimately knocked out and concussed by professional boxer at the time, Butterbean. An idea which put a lot of people in danger.

5: Muhammad Hassan sacrifices The Undertaker (Smackdown, July 2005)

This entry would’ve been a terrible one in its own right, but as it occurred on the Smackdown after the real life tragedy of the 7/7 London bombings, it takes it into another level of bad. Muhammad Hassan started a gimmick where he played an Arab American character which was very controversial as he made anti inflammatory remarks against white Americans who discriminated against his ethnicity since 9/11. This led to a highly controversial segment where a bunch of men wearing masks choked and carried The Undertaker out as a sacrifice. WWE got the warning not to air the segment but they went ahead and the TV sponsor asked WWE to axe the Hassan character, which was a shame as he had good potential as an egregious heel.

4: Big Bossman hung from Hell in a Cell (Wrestlemania 15)

Another shocking segment for the attitude era, where on screen murder was portrayed. In one of The Undertaker’s worst ever matches, a Hell in a Cell clash with Big Bossman at the much maligned Wrestlemania 15, the match ending saw Undertaker’s stable mates The Brood, lowering a noose down to the ring after the match, which then led to Big Bossman being suspended in the noose and being hung from the cell itself as it was being raised. Fans looked on in disbelief not sure if they needed to ring the police or rush to the ring to try and save Bossman. Murder on screen doesn’t really fit WWE.

3: It wasn’t my fault (Raw, November 2004)

If this was the idea to get the monster Gene Snitsky over, he was doomed from the start. WWE Hall of Famer, Lita, was storyline pregnant by The Demon, Kane (against her will, another segment that could’ve made the list). Lita despised Kane and the pair would argue for weeks until Snitsky swang a chair at Kane’s back, which led The Demon to fall on to Lita, causing Lita to miscarry. Snitsky then proceeded to mock the fact Lita had lost her baby, even bringing a toy baby to the ring with him in a segment in late 2004. Snitsky went on to ask the toy baby if he had a name and then decided to punt the baby high into the crowd much to the disgust of the audience. Again, it’s anyone’s guess who thought that mocking miscarriage would pass on national TV.

2: Trish barks like a dog (Raw, March 2001)

This segment was really disgusting and highly misogynistic, again taking place at the back end of the attitude era. Vince and Trish were involved in a storyline through much of the build up to Wrestlemania X7, where they had an affair and constantly humiliated Vince’s wife, Linda. Not to mention this segment came a week after Vince poured faeces all over Trish. The legendary women’s superstar came to the ring to beg for forgiveness and Vince decided that would be best in the form of her stripping down to her underwear, crawling around an all fours, and barking like a dog. Vince was the vile abusive boss in this segment and it was an extreme humiliation of a top womens star.

1: Katie Vick, of course (Raw, October 2002)

What else could be number 1? When the WWE showcases necrophilia, you’re in for a real problem. For those who aren’t aware, the story goes that Kane had a friend called Katie Vick, and the two were driving home after a party, when Kane crashed and accidently killed her. Then World Champion Triple H, came out and said that Kane actually loved Katie Vick and that Kane was drunk when he crashed the car, he also insinuated that Kane had sex with her dead body. Triple H, trying to prove that Kane was a monster, aired some footage that he had of Kane’s transgressions. The footage was some of the most despicable, egregious, and tasteless footage WWE have ever shown. Triple H, dressed as Kane, proceeded to go to a funeral parlour, approach a coffin and continue on to seduce and imitate he was having sex with Katie Vick’s deceased body and after the deed uttered the words “I screwed your brains out”. The camera then shot back to The Cerebral Assassin who was seen laughing uncontrollably. The worst moment in WWE history by a long long way.


Author: Alex Bakothanasis & Kurt Teale

Photo Credit: WWE

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