WWE Star Suffers Torn ACL

NXT star Sol Ruca has suffered a torn ACL in a new report from the wrestling Observer.

Dave Meltzer broke the news on Wrestling Observer Radio earlier today.

“[Sol Ruca] tore her ACL.

There’s a lot of injuries there [NXT]. It’s funny because a lot of people are blaming the strength training for the injuries, that they are doing heavy lifts as opposed to strengthening surrounding muscles to prevent injuries.”

“When you are doing heavy stuff like that, the knees and the shoulders both can take a beating doing heavy one rep maxes or heavy, heavy weights, heavy squats, obviously, and they do that too, they have squat competitions there too. It sounds good but people have brought up to me there’s a lot of injuries, especially on the women’s side, there’s a lot of women’s injuries right now in NXT.”

Stay tuned for more updates:

Author: Craig Smith



Photo Credit: WWE

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