Top 5 Moments & Match Ratings For Smackdown (5/5)

It was the go home episode of Smackdown before Backlash this week, and it was the first show in Puerto Rico since 2005. With Smackdown on a bit of a Wrestlemania hangover let’s see the top 5 moments from this past week:

5 Drafted Tag Teams Win

The newly acquired Smackdown tag teams, The Street Pofits and The OC scored wins on the show this week. The Profits quickly beat Kaiser and Vinci of Imperium and The OC disposed of The Viking Raiders who are enhancement talent at this stage, with AJ Styles on commentary and Michin at ringside.

4 Anticipation For Backlash

WWE did their best to hype up the Backlash PPV this weekend, especially for the live crowd who got to see Bad Bunny run in and save Rey Mysterio from a beat down, as well as Damage CTRL laying out Bianca Belair and Solo Sikoa telling the Usos that they need to step up at the PPV. WWE did well in hyping those matches.

3 Cody’s Last Appearance?

Cody Rhodes came out on Smackdown this week in his usual suit to cut a promo on Brock Lesnar. Cody said he was going to beat up and beat Brock Lesnar at the PPV and he cut his customary fiery promo, the crowd loved him. With Cody being drafted to Raw, will this be his last promo on the blue brand? With the way the draft is, it’s more than likely he’ll be seen again. It was good to see Cody anyway.

2 Hot Crowd

You could tell Puerto Rico hadn’t seen WWE in many years as the crowd were on fire for most of the night which could be a sign of things to come at Backlash. They were super hot for the opener as it was the LWO and they popped for most segments including an understandably huge pop for Bad Bunny as he came out with the LWO to run off the heels at the end.

1 Dom Mysterio Is A Great Heel

Dominik Mysterio has done some great character work over the last 6 months or so. Since turning heel on his father, Rey, Dom’s character has turned into a slimy despicable heel who will stoop to any depths to get ahead. He’s getting proper heat and the last few times he’s had a mic, he’s been drowned out by boos. He was rolled up and pinned by his dad in the main event, but he got great heat throughout and even mocked Eddie Guerrero in the match and in general he’s just a jerk. Great work from Dom Mysterio recently.

The OC def The Viking Raiders 2*

Street Profits def Imperium 1.5*

Shinsuke Nakamura def Karrion Kross 2.5*

Rey Mysterio & Zelina Vega def Dom Mysterio & Rhea Ripley 2.25*


Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo Credit: WWE

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