WWE SmackDown Viewership Sees Increase on May 12, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Makes Impactful Return

The May 12 episode of WWE SmackDown brought in a higher viewership, as reported by Wrestlenomics. A total of 2.149 million viewers tuned in, marking an increase from the previous week’s viewership of 2.059 million.

In the coveted 18 to 49 demographic, SmackDown achieved a 0.56 rating, showcasing an upward trend compared to the May 5 episode, which garnered a 0.52 rating in the same demographic. The impressive ratings propelled SmackDown to secure the fifth spot among broadcast primetime and cable originals in the demographic.

One of the highlights of this week’s episode was the highly anticipated return of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Reigns made a powerful impact as he appeared on SmackDown for the first time since the April 3 episode of WWE RAW. His presence undoubtedly added excitement and intrigue to the show, leaving fans eager for more.

With Reigns back in the spotlight, WWE SmackDown continues to deliver engaging storylines and captivating matches. The May 12 episode showcased the promotion’s ability to capture viewers’ attention and maintain a strong viewership base.

For comprehensive coverage of the May 15 episode of WWE SmackDown, be sure to check out our detailed analysis and highlights. The episode promises to further advance ongoing storylines and provide fans with thrilling moments and surprises.

As WWE SmackDown maintains its momentum, the increased viewership and the return of Roman Reigns indicate a positive trajectory for the show. Wrestling enthusiasts can look forward to more captivating episodes and exhilarating action in the weeks to come.

[Source: Wrestlenomics]

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