AEW Fight Forever Console Game Announcement Imminent

In a series of developments surrounding All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) highly anticipated console game, sources close to Yuke’s have revealed to Fightful Select that an announcement regarding the game’s release is expected in the near future. The news comes after several delays in the planned launch of AEW’s inaugural console game, which has left fans eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Fightful alumni Mike Straw, taking to social media, shared his insights on the matter, stating that he has heard the game’s release is likely to coincide with the AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door show in June. However, it is important to note that this information has not been independently verified. Nevertheless, Straw’s comment has sparked speculation and discussions about a potential announcement.

Insiders have revealed that the release dates previously suggested by online retailers over the past few months were unfounded and lacked credibility. Originally slated for a Fall 2022 release, AEW’s game had garnered high hopes from fans. In an interview with Fightful in June 2022, AEW wrestler Kenny Omega expressed his optimism for a 2022 release; however, the game was unable to meet that target.

Leaked achievement unlocks have surfaced online, and eager fans have discovered the option to pre-install the game on Xbox, which typically indicates an imminent release. Although the exact release date remains undisclosed, sources claim that an official announcement is forthcoming. Unfortunately, no specific timeframe has been provided for when this announcement will occur.

Numerous individuals involved in the AEW Fight Forever project, including writers and music producers, wrapped up their contributions to the game as early as a year ago. Initially, there were hopes that the game would hit the market in Fall 2022. However, as of early April, insiders working on the game confirmed that while progress was being made, the project was not yet 100 percent complete.

According to early players who experienced a preview version of the game, the gameplay style bears resemblance to the classic WWF No Mercy, distinct from the WWE 2K series. In November 2022, AEW wrestler Evil Uno disclosed to Fightful that he had heard plans for a single release of the game with ongoing updates, suggesting a potential dynamic gaming experience.

AEW had captured audio recordings of crowd chants for the game during an event in April 2022. Over a year ago, it was reported that the cut-off date for including the day one roster had passed, but it remains unclear whether this has changed given the extended development timeline. Notably, veterans from successful and critically acclaimed WWE games have lent their expertise to the preparation of the game’s story modes, indicating a strong focus on narrative-driven gameplay.

The forthcoming AEW console game is expected to receive a T-Teen rating, requiring some toning down of the gore and blood elements to comply with this classification.

Source: Fightful Select

Photo Credit: AEW

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