AEW Rampage Viewership Dips for May 13 Episode

The viewership figures for the May 13 episode of AEW Rampage have been released, indicating a slight decline in viewership compared to the previous week. According to the data reported by Wrestlenomics, AEW Rampage drew a total of 284,000 viewers on Saturday, May 13. This number shows a small decrease from the 294,000 viewers who tuned in on Friday, May 5.

In terms of the coveted 18 to 49 demographic, AEW Rampage scored a 0.07 rating for the May 13 episode. This rating represents a decrease from the 0.09 rating achieved on the previous Friday.

The viewership figures provide insights into the ongoing popularity and reception of AEW Rampage among wrestling fans. While there was a slight dip in viewership for this particular episode, it is important to consider various factors that may have contributed to these numbers, such as competing programming or other external circumstances.

As reported by Wrestlenomics, the viewership and rating data is crucial in evaluating the performance and impact of AEW Rampage. These numbers help the promotion assess audience engagement and make informed decisions regarding future programming and content.

It is worth noting that wrestling viewership figures can fluctuate from week to week due to various factors, including the appeal of featured matches, ongoing storylines, and external competition. AEW remains committed to providing an exciting and innovative product for its dedicated fanbase.

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