Controversial AEW Trio Releases ‘Offensive Shirt’ Merchandise Amidst Stir

In a bold move, Saraya, Ruby Soho, and Tony Storm, collectively known as the outcasts, have unveiled a new t-shirt for their fanbase. Dubbed the ‘offensive shirt,’ this merchandise release follows a series of attention-grabbing moments from the trio.

Saraya, in particular, made headlines when she revealed that she had been fined for uttering the word ‘twat’ on television. Additionally, the group faced significant backlash for introducing merchandise featuring a photo of Britt Baker with a black eye.

Now, is promoting the latest addition to their merchandise lineup – the ‘offensive shirt.’ The design prominently displays the words ‘offensive shirt’ written across it, as showcased below.

Reflecting on her unexpected return to the wrestling ring in November 2022, Saraya recently shared her surprise at making a comeback after signing with AEW. Her presence in the promotion has undoubtedly added a unique and controversial dynamic.

Photo Credit: AEW

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