Leaked Achievements Unveil Exciting Features of Upcoming AEW Fight Forever Video Game

A list of leaked achievements has provided wrestling gamers with an exciting glimpse into the upcoming AEW Fight Forever video game, the highly anticipated console debut from All Elite Wrestling. Shared by Twitter user Jbarnicles, these achievements reveal captivating details about the game’s features and gameplay mechanics.

Key highlights from the leaked achievements include:

  • Promising New Team: Create a custom team that includes a custom wrestler and complete a tag team match.
  • Arena Architect: Design a personalized arena and successfully complete a match using it.
  • Making Their Debut…: Forge a custom wrestler and emerge victorious in a singles match utilizing the created character.
  • Professional Gamer: Engage in five different minigames, providing diverse gaming experiences.
  • Casual Gamer: Win a minigame within the “Road to Elite” mode, a potentially significant component of the game.
  • Triple Crown: Hold three titles simultaneously in the “Road to Elite” mode, showcasing dominance in AEW.
  • Train to the Max: Perform 30 or more successful intense trainings during a single play-through of the “Road to Elite” mode, honing skills to achieve greatness.
  • Food Critic: Select dining options 16 times in a single play-through of the “Road to Elite” mode, adding an intriguing element to the game.
  • Shirt Collector: Earn all t-shirts that can be acquired in the “Road to Elite” mode, offering customization options.
  • Hall-of-Famer: Achieve a career grade of A+ in the “Road to Elite” mode, a testament to long-term success.
  • Livin’ the Wrestler’s Life: Complete the “Road to Elite” mode 10 times, showcasing dedication and mastery.
  • Welcome to the Elite: Earn the prestigious AEW World Championship while playing the “Road to Elite” mode, a monumental accomplishment.
  • On The Road to Elite: Successfully complete the “Road to Elite” mode, unlocking new opportunities and challenges.
  • E-Shopper: Make a purchase using AEW Cash, adding an in-game economy element.
  • No Feat Too Large: Complete at least 30 challenges, pushing the limits and overcoming obstacles.
  • The King of Harts: Complete 100 total singles matches in Exhibition mode, demonstrating a remarkable level of experience.
  • Beat the Best: Defeat a COM (computer opponent) on Elite difficulty in a singles match in Exhibition mode, testing skills against tough competition.
  • Equal Opportunity Players: Engage in a match with at least 50 wrestlers, providing a diverse and inclusive experience.
  • Watch your Footing: Knock down an opponent by pushing over a ladder they are standing on during a Ladder match.
  • All Shall Cower Before Me: Submit a COM opponent in Exhibition mode, showcasing technical prowess.
  • Corner Wizard: Land two recoil attacks in a match using the corner recoil attack skill.
  • Rope Wizard: Execute two recoil attacks in a match using the rebound recoil attack skill.
  • Fearless Rocket: Perform two tope suicida attacks in a match using the tope offensive skill.
  • Adept Flyer: Land five springboard attacks in a match using the springboard offense skill.
  • Ring Cleaner: Eliminate 10 wrestlers over the top rope in a Casino Battle Royal match against all COM opponents.
  • 4-Way Dominator: Triumph in a 4-Way match against all COM opponents on Hard difficulty or higher in Exhibition mode.
  • Dexterous Dervish: Win a match with a roll-through move using the desperation impulse skill.
  • Who Needs Hands: Secure victory by pinfall with hands in pocket using the sloth style skill.
  • Belt Collector: Hold a title match in Exhibition mode and claim a belt from a COM champion.
  • KABOOM!: Trigger three rope explosions on an opponent during an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match in Exhibition mode.
  • DANGER: Contents Under Pressure!: Utilize a barbed wire bat to attack an opponent in a Lights Out Match in Exhibition mode.
  • Finisher Thief: Win a match by using the opponent’s finisher through the gimmick infringement skill.
  • Smooth Footwork: Recover from the ground five times in a match using the kip-up skill.
  • Nice Catch!: Intercept a dive attack using the anti-air defense skill.
  • Off the Guardrail: Execute three dives from the guardrails in a match using the guardrail drive offensive skill.
  • First Win: Secure a victory against a COM opponent for the first time in Exhibition mode.

The leaked achievements provide an exciting preview of the immersive and action-packed gameplay that awaits players in AEW Fight Forever. With features such as customizable teams, arenas, and the “Road to Elite” career mode, players can expect a comprehensive wrestling experience.

AEW Fight Forever is scheduled for release on PC and consoles in 2023. While Wrestling Insider Gaming has mentioned a potential late June release date, official confirmation is still pending. Wrestling and gaming enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate the game’s launch, as it aims to bring the electrifying world of AEW to virtual platforms.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements regarding AEW Fight Forever as the release date approaches, promising an immersive and thrilling gaming experience for wrestling fans worldwide.

Photo Credit: AEW

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