Mike Chioda Would Love to Sign With AEW

During the latest episode of the “Monday Mailbag” podcast, former WWE referee Mike Chioda announced that he has recently entered into a three-year agreement with CMG Media Agency, based in Beverly Hills, California. Chioda expressed his enthusiasm for joining the agency, which represents numerous legends from both the wrestling and Hollywood industries.

“I just signed a little deal for three years with CMG, a company out of California. Beverly Hills. They got a few places around the country. It’s like an agency. They deal with all legends in Hollywood and everything and wrestling. They have Macho Man, Hogan, and a few others like Andre the Giant. The company is called CMG. I signed a three-year deal. They get you a lot of work. They’ll create a website. They’ll create all the other stuff. They do everything. It’s a one-stop shop. It’s a percentage deal. They get you more work. They do everything. They get you signings and so forth, and hopefully movie parts and all that other stuff,” Chioda revealed.

As the conversation shifted to the topic of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and the potential involvement of CM Punk, Chioda expressed his belief that catering to the highly popular wrestler would be a wise business move.

“CM Punk draws money. At the end of the day, it’s about the business. It’s about money. CM Punk will provide you a hell of a show. I mean, every time he goes out there, he gives it 110%. His promos are phenomenal, whether they’re shoot or work, and most of them, 90% of them are shoot. I’ve always loved seeing Punk. I have respect for him. There’s a lot of guys in his business over the decades that have attitudes. They just stand up for what they feel in the business whether they’re making money or not. It doesn’t become about the money sometimes,” Chioda commented.

Expressing his desire to work with CM Punk and other wrestlers, Chioda indicated his openness to opportunities in AEW and eagerly awaits any potential call from the company.

“Would I love to do that other show? Am I waiting for that phone to ring? Yeah, I am. Would I love to get back in the ring with CM Punk and work with him? Hell yeah. I’ll work with anybody. Of course, you cater to him. Who hasn’t been catered to? All these catered-to guys got buses. If they’re drawing the money, you’re pushing them. When John Cena was catered to, he had a bus. Like 90% of the merchandise that was up in the stands all the time was all John Cena. They used to hear it from all the boys. The boys said, ‘Oh man, none of my merch is up there. None of my frickin merch is up there.’ Going into August to Wembley Stadium with AEW, you’re gonna need CM Punk there to draw that crowd. Don’t think he ain’t gonna be on that card,” Chioda explained.

For the transcription of the podcast episode, credit AdFreeShows.com, with a hat tip to WrestlingNews.co as the source.

Mike Chioda’s new partnership with CMG Media Agency and his thoughts on AEW and CM Punk have sparked intrigue among wrestling fans, leaving them eager to witness potential collaborations and developments in the near future.

Photo Credit: AEW

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