Uncertainty Surrounds Seth Rollins’ Potential WWE World Heavyweight Championship Win

Speculation regarding Seth Rollins winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has been prevalent, but recent developments suggest that the outcome might not be as straightforward as anticipated.

At Night of Champions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on May 27, Seth Rollins, representing Raw, is scheduled to face AJ Styles, the winner from SmackDown, to determine the inaugural holder of WWE’s new World Title.

While Rollins has been a frontrunner in many predictions, doubts have started to emerge due to his involvement in other projects outside of WWE. Recent reports have revealed that Rollins was seen on the set of the MCU film “Captain America: New World Order,” raising concerns about his availability for WWE events.

According to WRKD Wrestling, the interview segments featuring Rollins that aired during the May 15 episode of Raw were pre-taped since Rollins was not present at the show in person due to his movie commitments.

This situation has prompted questions about whether Rollins’ involvement in movie roles will become a recurring theme, potentially leading to more instances where he is unable to appear at WWE shows. The establishment of the new World Title was based on the expectation that the winner would be a full-time competitor, in contrast to the part-time schedule of Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

If Rollins were to win the championship but continue to take on additional movie roles, it could undermine the intended purpose of having a full-time champion.

Consequently, there are reportedly reservations within WWE regarding the idea of Rollins capturing the title. The company is likely assessing the feasibility and long-term implications of such a decision.

As further updates become available, we will provide you with the latest information. For exact details on the situation, refer to WRKD Wrestling’s original report.

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