Carlito Reveals How He Kept Backlash Appearance A Secret

Puerto Rico – In a jaw-dropping turn of events, former WWE Superstar Carlito made a thrilling comeback at the Backlash event held earlier this month in Puerto Rico. This marked his first appearance since the WWE Royal Rumble in 2021 and sent shockwaves through the wrestling world.

The unexpected comeback took place during the highly anticipated San Juan Street Fight between Damian Priest and Bad Bunny. The match, already filled with excitement, witnessed interference from Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio. Responding to the turmoil, a group of legendary wrestlers, including Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Savio Vega, and members of the LWO (Latino World Order), stormed the ring to make a heroic save.

The electrifying return of Carlito garnered an overwhelming response from the passionate fans in attendance that night. The warm welcome he received was a testament to his enduring popularity and deep connection with the Puerto Rican audience.

In an interview on Busted Open Radio, Carlito expressed his delight at making the surprise comeback. He remarked, “It was great man, it was good, and it was something that they wanted for a long time, you know what I mean? And it was cool that the secret didn’t get out. I was surprised… they really did not expect it at all that night.”

Speaking about the measures taken to keep his return under wraps, Carlito revealed, “I braided my hair and I put a beanie on and then I wore a hoodie… people started recognizing me anyway but I don’t know, the word didn’t get out.”

Fellow wrestler Savio Vega, who also participated in the memorable moment, disclosed that he drove himself to the venue for the show, further adding to the element of surprise.

Following the impactful comeback, speculation has been rife about Carlito’s future with WWE. In an interview after the Backlash event, he expressed his openness to any good offers that may come his way, leaving fans hopeful for more memorable appearances in the wrestling world.

Carlito’s unexpected return at Backlash not only thrilled the fans in attendance but also captivated wrestling enthusiasts worldwide. With the element of surprise on his side, Carlito proved that he still possesses the ability to create unforgettable moments inside the squared circle.

H/T: Transcriptions courtesy of Busted Open Radio and POST Wrestling

Photo Credit: WWE

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