WWE Holds Employee Meeting Focusing on Morale Amid Rumors of Impending Cuts

WWE CEO Nick Khan led an “all hands on deck” meeting for employees on May 17th, according to PWInder. The meeting aimed to boost employee morale and praise the company’s success. Despite rumors of impending cuts following the Endeavor acquisition, there were no indications or comments about the issue during the meeting. No significant announcements were made during the session either.

This meeting came amid the ongoing transition to Endeavor-owned operations. The acquisition is set to become official soon, leading to widespread speculation about potential layoffs in the company. However, WWE has yet to make any official statements regarding the matter.

WWE has been working to streamline operations and reduce costs in recent years, making cuts to its workforce in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has also made moves to diversify its revenue streams, launching the WWE Network on Peacock and exploring new ventures like NFTs.

Despite the lack of news regarding the acquisition, WWE employees can reportedly expect to receive updates and guidance from the company as the transition progresses.

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