Saraya Says The AEW Locker Room Have Accepted Thunder Rosa’s Apology

AEW star Thunder Rosa has made her official return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and is now focused on the upcoming Collision show. After reportedly having some tensions with certain members of the AEW women’s locker room, Rosa has since apologized and cleared the air before her comeback.

During an appearance on The Corner podcast, AEW star Saraya commented on the current state of the locker room, stating, “Thunder loves to talk… She had to come back and apologize to the locker room because she upset a lot of women… But she apologized to the locker room, you know, and the locker room is fine.”

Saraya also praised the positive atmosphere in the AEW locker room, saying, “Everyone’s happy, everyone gets along. This is one of the best locker rooms I’ve been in. People already know the Thunder story. They just love to spin it and make it bigger.”

The AEW women’s division looks to be moving forward with Thunder Rosa back in action and harmony restored among the wrestlers.

H/T POST Wrestling

Photo Credit: AEW

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