NWA Announces Full Brackets for 2023 Crockett Cup Tournament

The NWA has revealed the complete brackets for the highly anticipated 2023 Crockett Cup, a two-day wrestling tournament set to take place in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Featuring an impressive lineup of NWA stars, here are the exciting matches:

  • Fodder & Flip Gordon vs. Sent 2 Slaughter (Dan Maff & Shawn Donovan)
  • Cyon & Jordan Clearwater (with Austin Idol) vs. Last Chance Spot (Winner of Triple Threat Tag Team Match)
  • SVGS (Jax Dane & Bulletproof Troop) vs. T.N.T. (Terrell & Terrence Hughes)
  • The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky & Jay Bradley) vs. Yabo the Clown & Ruffo the Clown
  • Max the Impaler & Judais (with Father James Mitchell) vs. The Now (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus)
  • Kratos & Odinson vs. Magic Jake Dumas & Brian Brock
  • Magnum Muscle (Dak Draper & Mims) vs. The Spectaculars (Brady Pierce & Rush Freeman) (with Rolando Freeman)
  • Toxin & Arez vs. The Heatseekers (Elliot Russell & Sigmon)
  • In the Last Chance Triple Threat Match: Daisy Kill & Talos vs. Miserably Faithful (Gaagz the Gymp & Sal the Pal) vs. Jeremiah Plunkett and Eric Jackson.

Prepare for an action-packed tournament as the NWA’s top stars battle it out for Crockett Cup glory in these thrilling matchups.

Photo Credit: NWA

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