WWE 2K23 Patch 1.11 Addresses Delayed Moves and Adds New Content

In the latest update for WWE 2K23, Patch 1.11, released on May 19, significant improvements have been made to address concerns regarding delayed signature moves and finishers during gameplay. This patch aims to enhance the overall experience for players by ensuring smoother and more responsive execution of these critical actions.

This update follows closely on the heels of Patch 1.10, which brought important stability fixes to the game and introduced two new playable characters, Candice LeRae and Mia Yim. The developers have been actively listening to the community’s feedback and promptly addressing any issues that arise, striving to deliver a more polished and enjoyable wrestling experience.

In addition to these gameplay improvements, 2K has also released the ‘Pretty Sweet’ DLC pack earlier this week. This exciting expansion introduces a roster of new wrestlers, including Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Tiffany Stratton, and the dynamic duo Pretty Deadly, consisting of Kit Wilson and Elton Prince. With these fresh additions, players can expand their options and explore new possibilities in the virtual squared circle.

WWE 2K23 continues to evolve and refine its gameplay experience through regular updates and the introduction of new content. The dedication shown by the development team in promptly addressing player concerns and expanding the roster demonstrates their commitment to delivering an immersive and engaging wrestling simulation.

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