Anna Jay Predicts MJF’s Dominance Over Boyfriend Jungle Boy in AEW Title Match

During an appearance on USA Today’s “Under the Ring” podcast, Anna Jay, a standout talent in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), shared her predictions for the upcoming AEW World Championship match featuring her boyfriend, Jungle Boy, and MJF in the “four pillars four-way” at Double or Nothing. Jay offered her insights and thoughts on the highly anticipated match.

“Well, this is hard to say, because I’m in [the Jericho Appreciation Society and] we’ve got Sammy Guevara, [an] incredible talent,” Jay began. “Then we’ve got Jungle Boy, who, obviously, I am rooting for behind the scenes a little bit. But then you have the obvious [winner], MJF. I don’t really see him losing this, but you never know. I’m pulling for someone else, but it’ll be a great match regardless.”

Acknowledging the immense talent of MJF, Jay admitted that she doesn’t envision him losing the title match. However, she also expressed her personal support for another competitor, albeit recognizing the formidable challenge MJF poses.

Jay also shared her excitement and gratitude for being a part of the Jericho Appreciation Society, particularly in regard to her admiration for Chris Jericho. “I just never thought I would meet him, let alone get to work with him and be in a faction with him, so it’s been really cool,” she noted. Additionally, Jay highlighted the significance of Matt Menard within the society, drawing a parallel to John Silver’s role in bringing laughter as a member of the Dark Order.

Double or Nothing is scheduled to take place on May 28 in Las Vegas, with the event set to be broadcasted on pay-per-view and Bleacher Report Live in the U.S. International viewers can catch the action on FITE TV.

H/T Wrestling Inc

Photo Credit: AEW

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