Road Dogg Regrets Final WWE Match Before 2000 Release: ‘An Embarrassment

During the latest episode of the “Oh You Didn’t Know!” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer “Road Dogg” Brian James opened up about the circumstances surrounding his release from WWE in 2000. James recalled the unfortunate end to his tenure, attributing it to his struggle with alcohol addiction.

“I talked with Jim Ross and I talked with Bruce Prichard but I was even hammered when I did that,” James admitted. “It was definitely the downward spiral.” He revealed that showing up intoxicated had become a habit, and it all culminated in a tag team match that he considers a low point.

“I actually had a match with Ron Killings against D-Lo [Brown] and Headbanger Chaz,” James recalled, despite the haze of his struggle with sobriety. “I had a match with them, me and Ronny, and I was messed up clearly.” James expressed deep regret and stated that he never wants to watch that match again. “I’m ashamed of myself, and I’m ashamed that I tarnished the integrity of my profession. Hurting others and putting my friends at risk is what hurts me the most.”

Initially, James felt anger towards his colleagues for reporting his intoxicated state to WWE officials, even though it wasn’t exactly a secret. “I was bouncing off the walls trying to get to gorilla position, but look, that’s on me, and there’s no other way to put it.”

James described the match as an “embarrassment,” and he continues to feel the pain of his actions on that December night. “The fact that I went out there and did a disservice to the industry and the talented individuals in the ring with me… it hurts my heart to this day.” James revealed that he channels this embarrassment as motivation to maintain his sobriety.

“It was all my fault, every bit of it, both professionally and personally,” he acknowledged with sincerity.

Source: “Oh You Didn’t Know!” podcast interview with Road Dogg Brian James

Photo Credit: WWE

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