Bronson Reed Aims to Revitalize WWE Raw and Make it the Premier Brand

Bronson Reed recently opened up about his time in WWE NXT and his renewed drive to make WWE Raw the premier brand. In an interview on “Out Of Character with Ryan Satin,” Reed admitted to becoming complacent during his initial run in NXT and expressed his determination to propel Raw to the top.

While Reed enjoyed success in NXT, including a stint as the North American Champion, he felt that something was missing. His 18-month hiatus from WWE following his release provided him with a valuable opportunity for self-reflection.

“I still think that I was lacking something [in NXT] and I found that in my time away,” Reed shared. “So, I never look at that release as a negative, but more something that I found myself in.”

During his time away, Reed had the chance to shine in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and even received an offer from the company. However, he ultimately chose to rejoin WWE. Now armed with his experiences outside of WWE, Reed is focused on making an impact on the main roster and is eager to contribute to the success of WWE Raw, just as he aimed to do in NXT.

“Now that I’m on Monday Night Raw and I’m staying on Raw, I want it to be the best brand possible,” he emphasized. “I think, sort of, 2003, 2004, you got that bit of competition between Raw and SmackDown, and I hope now that we are getting the brand split the same thing happens. I want to have Monday Night Raw be the ‘A’ brand.”

Bronson Reed’s determination to elevate WWE Raw stems from his desire to see healthy competition and a thriving brand split. He envisions Raw reclaiming its status as the premier brand in WWE, and he is committed to contributing to its success.

Please credit “Out Of Character with Ryan Satin” and Wrestling Inc. for the transcription if you use any quotes from this article.

Photo Credit: WWE

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