Unforeseen Alterations Shake Up WWE Raw: Matches Scrapped and Plans Revamped

Last night’s episode of WWE Raw, which aired on May 22, witnessed several changes to the originally planned lineup. The spoilers reported by WRKD Wrestling on Monday morning turned out to be inaccurate, as alterations were made to some of the proposed matches.

WRKD Wrestling had hinted that Shinsuke Nakamura would be the mystery partner for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the main event against Imperium, while also mentioning a match between Finn Balor and Matt Riddle. However, the roles of Nakamura and Riddle were switched, resulting in a match between Balor and Nakamura, with Riddle joining Owens and Zayn as the mystery partner.

Additionally, WRKD Wrestling had alluded to JD McDonagh’s debut match, but he was notably absent from the show. The identity of his intended opponent remains unknown, although Dolph Ziggler could be a possible speculation based on last week’s events.

To validate the credibility of their spoilers, WRKD Wrestling had reported that Dominik Mysterio would face Apollo Crews, and this match did indeed take place as predicted.

Just before Raw went live, WWE officially announced the alterations, confirming Balor vs Nakamura and Riddle as the mystery partner. In response, WRKD Wrestling tweeted that although plans had changed throughout the day, the company aimed to captivate viewers for the upcoming Night of Champions show with significant segments featuring Cody Rhodes on #WWERaw.

During the episode, a continuous storyline unfolded, featuring multiple segments where Lesnar attacked Rhodes and ultimately broke his arm. However, Rhodes remained determined to face Lesnar at Night of Champions, emphasizing his willingness to compete despite the injury.

Photo Credit: WWE

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