CM Punk and All Elite Wrestling Maintain Contact as Talks Progress, Legal Documents Sent for Review

According to a report from Fightful Select, it has been revealed that CM Punk and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) have maintained contact over the past week. The article states that although there were rumors suggesting Punk had received legal papers, sources have clarified that some documents were indeed sent to him for signing. However, there is no indication that these documents contained legal threats. Instead, they are said to have covered topics such as restrictions on discussing certain subjects, disparagement clauses, and ensuring Punk’s presence at scheduled television dates. These measures are primarily aimed at protecting AEW in various situations.

On the side of CM Punk, sources close to him have mentioned that productive conversations have taken place over the past week. However, the article does not provide much context regarding the nature of these discussions. Nevertheless, individuals familiar with the situation believe that Punk will make an appearance at the first AEW Collision event, which is scheduled for June 17.

Regarding the choice of venue, as of the previous week, there was no explicit mention of Daily’s Place being considered as a backup location. However, alternative venues other than the United Center were reportedly being discussed.

In terms of talent travel arrangements for the first Collision date, as of May 23, AEW talent had not yet been informed of their travel plans, according to individuals within the promotion who were interviewed by Fightful Select.

Photo Credit: AEW

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