NJPW Academy Showcases Upcoming Talent in June 10 Event

New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) is set to shine a spotlight on the promising talent emerging from the NJPW Academy with a special showcase event on June 10.

Since its launch in March 2023 as part of the LA Dojo, NJPW Academy has become a hub for aspiring wrestlers to hone their craft under the guidance of esteemed coaches KUSHIDA and Fred Rosser.

The NJPW Academy Showcase, scheduled for June 10, will provide an exciting platform for the Spring 2023 Class at the LA Dojo to exhibit their skills. The event will feature thrilling matches where NJPW Academy students will not only face their fellow classmates but also take on their respected coaches and other seasoned competitors.

NJPW shared the announcement, stating:

“New Japan Pro-Wrestling will be holding a public showcase of the NJPW Academy Spring 2023 Class at the NJPW Dojo on Saturday, June 10.

Matches will feature the students of NJPW Academy displaying their skills against their fellow classmates, coaches, and others.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit the NJPW Dojo and experience the present and future of pro-wrestling in a unique and intimate setting!”

Joining the showcase will be a lineup of talented coaches and wrestlers from the NJPW Academy, including Fred Rosser, The DKC, Royce Isaacs, and Kevin Knight. The event will also see the participation of NJPW Academy students such as Alec Bullsdale, Buck Skynyr, Calder McColl, Cameron Gates, Dayton Cameron, Elliot Qrow, James Tapia, Johnnie Robbie, Kyriacos J. Toumbas, Langi, Matt Vandagriff, Mulligan, Phil Godfrey, Rudy Lockhart, Samsara, Trish Adora, and Zac Taylor.

Additionally, fans can look forward to witnessing the skills of Alonzo Alvarez, El Primohenio Trebeca, Honest John, J2 Mattioli, Michael Hopkins, Mylo, and Red Williams, who have all been confirmed for this highly anticipated event.

Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on the NJPW Academy Showcase, where the future of professional wrestling will take center stage, providing a unique and intimate experience for fans at the NJPW Dojo

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