Sabu’s AEW Future Clarified Following Surprising Dynamite Appearance

In a shocking turn of events, ECW Legend Sabu made an unexpected appearance on the latest episode of AEW Dynamite in Las Vegas, leaving fans curious about his future involvement with the promotion.

It has been confirmed that Sabu will serve as the special enforcer for the Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole Unsanctioned match at this Sunday’s Double or Nothing event.

During the AEW Double or Nothing media call, Tony Khan addressed the status of Sabu in AEW. Khan mentioned that Sabu’s appearance at Double or Nothing is likely to be a one-time occurrence. However, he also expressed openness to further appearances by Sabu if everything goes well.

Khan shared an interesting tidbit, revealing that his father texted him about Sabu being “a blast from the past.” He reminisced about his father taking him to witness the Sabu vs. Chris Jericho match in ECW when he was just 13 years old.

While Sabu’s future involvement in AEW remains uncertain beyond Double or Nothing, fans can anticipate an exciting and memorable appearance by the ECW legend at the upcoming event.

Photo Credit: AEW

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