Tony Khan Discusses Pro Wrestling Competition with Emphasis on Ethics

Tony Khan recently shared his thoughts on the spirit of competition in pro wrestling, highlighting the importance of ethical standards. Since the inception of AEW Dynamite, the promotion has gone head-to-head with WWE NXT on a weekly basis. While overlapping events have occurred in the past, another clash is set for May 28, 2023, as AEW Double or Nothing 2023 coincides with WWE NXT Battleground.

During a media call prior to Double or Nothing, Tony Khan expressed his enthusiasm for competition in professional wrestling, but also acknowledged concerns about the ethical practices of others in the industry.

“The feeling of competition has been there since day one, ever since we launched our TV show. It shifted a bit on April 14, 2021, and now with this upcoming event, it feels like a throwback to the old days in some ways. I always embrace competition in whatever arena I’m in,” Tony stated. “I genuinely enjoy the competitive nature of pro wrestling, as long as it is conducted with ethical standards. Hosting events around the same time, I don’t necessarily consider it unethical. It doesn’t bother me much. I wish everyone the best, and I fully anticipate delivering the best show on Sunday. AEW Double or Nothing is poised to attract a large audience. The spirit of competition has been part of our journey since AEW’s inception, and I’ve never had an issue with it as long as it remains ethical. However, I must admit that hasn’t always been the case from the other side.”

Tony Khan’s comments underscore his appreciation for healthy competition in pro wrestling, provided it adheres to ethical principles. While he acknowledges the challenges posed by simultaneous events, he remains focused on delivering a top-quality product and maintaining the spirit of fair competition.

H/T Fightful

Photo Credit: AEW

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