Bully Ray and Steve Maclin Inflict Brutality on Scott D’Amore, Vowing to Overthrow IMPACT

Scott D’Amore endured a harrowing experience at IMPACT Under Siege.

In the main event, Steve Maclin emerged triumphant, defeating PCO, and demanded that Scott D’Amore personally present him with the championship belt. With blood staining his face, D’Amore reluctantly obliged, placing the title around Maclin’s waist.

Once Maclin exited the ring, Bully Ray seized the opportunity to launch a surprise attack on D’Amore, ambushing him from behind and strangling him with a chain.

Forming an unholy alliance, Maclin and Bully then targeted D’Amore, preparing a table reserved exclusively for him. Despite attempts by Matt Rehwold and PCO to intervene, they were swiftly neutralized.

In a shocking turn of events, Bully set the table ablaze while Maclin aided him in powerbombing D’Amore through the fiery structure. With an intimidating presence, Bully confronted D’Amore, taunting him with the assertion that D’Amore could never rid himself of Bully’s relentless pursuit. He vowed to dismantle not only D’Amore but the entire company itself.

This heinous act of violence and the menacing proclamation by Bully Ray sets the stage for a turbulent future as IMPACT Wrestling grapples with the impending threat brought forth by this ruthless duo.

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

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