Cody Rhodes Delays Storyline to Impart a Lesson in Respect to Dominik Mysterio at WWE Money in the Bank

A dramatic twist unfolds as Cody Rhodes interrupts his ongoing narrative to impart a crucial lesson in respect to Dominik Mysterio at WWE Money in the Bank.

The altercation between Cody Rhodes and Dominik Mysterio took center stage on the June 2 episode of Monday Night Raw when Dominik unexpectedly struck Cody in the face before swiftly making his escape.

Wasting no time, Cody Rhodes promptly issued a challenge to Dominik Mysterio at the start of the June 9 episode of Monday Night Raw. Disrupting the celebratory moment between “Dom Dom” and Rhea Ripley, who had just been honored with a newly bestowed Women’s World Championship, Cody seized the opportunity to confront his opponent.

Putting forth a match proposal for WWE Money in the Bank, Cody’s challenge was promptly accepted by Ripley on Dominik’s behalf. Despite Mysterio managing to land a cheap shot on Cody Rhodes once again, it proved futile in aiding The Miz’s quest for victory, as Cody triumphed over The A-Lister and continued his determined march towards the highly anticipated Money in the Bank event.

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