WWE Set To Repackage A Raw Tag Team

According to a report from Fightful Select, there are indications that Mansoor and Mace, two male models in the WWE, might undergo a repackaging process. Specific details regarding this potential change are scarce at the moment. The team’s journey in the WWE has been quite tumultuous thus far. Initially, Max Dupri joined the team because Vince McMahon didn’t view him as a capable in-ring performer. However, Triple H and his team recognized Max Dupri’s star potential and subsequently rebranded him as LA Knight. Meanwhile, Maxxine Dupri, who was formerly part of Maximum Male Models, was permanently reassigned to work alongside Chad Gable and Otis.

Interestingly, Maxxine recently appeared at a WWE party as a member of Maximum Male Models, which raises some curiosity about her current status. Sources within WWE’s creative team have revealed that McMahon initially held high hopes for Maximum Male Models but wanted to avoid portraying them as too “flamboyant.” However, Triple H’s influence led to a change in direction, encouraging a more flamboyant presentation. Unfortunately, since McMahon’s return, their characterization has been significantly scaled back, along with their overall utilization.

During the spring, the duo participated in various WWE live events. However, their appearances on television have been limited to tournaments and battle royals. The future direction of Mansoor and Mace remains uncertain, with fans eagerly anticipating the details of their upcoming repackaging.

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