Iconic WWE Star To Make First Public Appearance In Over 20 Years

In a surprising turn of events for 2023, Kevin Wacholz, famously known as Nailz during his time in WWE, has been confirmed to make a special appearance at WrestleCon Detroit on August 5th and 6th.

This appearance marks a significant moment for the 65-year-old former wrestler as it will be his first public showing in several decades. Wacholz’s last match inside the ring took place over twenty years ago in 2001.

Not only will Wacholz be the main guest at the convention, but he will also be involved in several projects throughout the year with Highspots.TV. One of the highlights will be a three-hour shoot interview where the elusive star will reflect on his career and share his experiences.

Furthermore, Highspots.TV has partnered with Wacholz to create an action figure based on his iconic Nailz persona. This collaboration adds another exciting dimension to his comeback, allowing fans to collect a piece of wrestling history.

Although Nailz’s stint in WWE during the early 1990s may not be familiar to many modern fans, his appearance at high-profile events like WrestleCon is regarded as a significant development, considering his prolonged absence from the public eye.

Photo Credit: WWE

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