Update On Controversial CM Punk Interview

According to a report from Fightful Select, there have been some interesting developments regarding CM Punk’s potential involvement in AEW Forbidden Door. It was previously revealed that a match between KENTA and CM Punk was being considered for this crossover event. However, it appears that Punk wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about working with KENTA and was concerned about how he might come across in an interview.

The situation has now become clearer, shedding light on the various aspects involved. One of the key factors is an upcoming ESPN interview with Punk, where he discusses several topics, including The Elite. Word of Punk’s comments reached some of the AEW roster during the June 14 tapings of AEW Dynamite, and not all of it was well-received. It seems that the information conveyed in the interview could be seen as Punk presenting his own perspective on what is true.

AEW was reportedly involved in setting up the interview and monitoring the proceedings. However, Punk intentionally blurred the lines in his responses, aiming to create intrigue and generate buzz for future shows. He carefully crafted his answers to make the audience question whether he was seeking attention or speaking candidly. Although it remains uncertain what exactly will be included in the final ESPN piece, the interview took place last week, and Punk was well aware that his responses could be polarizing.

In a separate development, it was previously reported that AEW had sent CM Punk a set of documents that included provisions to protect the company, including non-disparagement clauses.

Source: Fightful Select

Photo Credit: AEW

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