CM Punk Opens Up About AEW Controversy, Interactions with The Elite, Adam Page, and More

CM Punk’s recent interview with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi has caused a stir among fans. The interview, conducted to promote Punk’s return to AEW for the Collision premiere, generated headlines due to the expectation that Punk’s comments would upset many people. Here are the key highlights from the interview.

Punk began by expressing his view on professional wrestling, stating that while it is a bizarre form of entertainment, he approaches it as a business and treats it like a television show. He emphasized his return to AEW and encouraged viewers to tune in to hear his thoughts, indicating that he would pick up where he left off.

Punk revealed that he had suffered a complete tear of his left triceps tendon during the All Out match against Jon Moxley. This injury necessitated surgery and an extensive rehabilitation process. Mentally, it was challenging for Punk as it occurred in only his second match back after recovering from a broken foot in June 2022. However, he stated that he is now fully recovered and back to 100%.

Reflecting on wrestling injuries, Punk humorously remarked how performers often get hurt while doing the most mundane tasks, despite enduring more extreme stunts unscathed. He described the mental challenges he faced during his recovery and expressed gratitude for his support system, including his wife April Mendez (known as AJ Lee, a former three-time WWE divas champion) and his dog Larry. Punk also acknowledged the role of his friends and an excellent rehabilitation team in facilitating his speedy recovery, even though it feels like a distant memory.

Punk discussed the division within AEW, which he said emerged in the spring of 2022. Regarding a Dynamite segment on May 25, 2022, involving Adam Page, Punk revealed that he and Page had discussed backstage what they would say, as he had done with other wrestlers in the past. However, during the segment, Page deviated from their agreed-upon plan.

Page’s remarks on TV that night, although confusing to most fans, involved him expressing his commitment to AEW and refusing to defend the championship against Punk. Punk confronted Page backstage, as he believed Page’s comments were influenced by false information. Page accused Punk of getting Colt Cabana fired from the company, a claim Punk vehemently denied, clarifying that Cabana still worked for AEW. While Cabana had been absent for some time, AEW President Tony Khan had stated in multiple media appearances that Cabana was temporarily assigned to work for ROH.

Punk clarified that he has no relationship with Cabana and never asked Khan to remove Cabana or anyone else from their positions. However, sources within the company, including The Elite, believed that Punk had indeed played a role in Cabana’s situation. Page’s unexpected comments on TV showcased his confidence in raising the issue.

When ESPN reached out to Khan and Page for comments, AEW stated they were unavailable. Cabana suggested contacting AEW for any inquiries, while AEW Executive Vice Presidents Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks declined to comment through their agent Barry Bloom.

Page’s comments during the Dynamite segment, which were considered a “shoot” in wrestling terms, greatly angered Punk. He admitted that he even considered not going through with the Double Or Nothing match due to concerns that Page might intentionally harm him. However, Punk participated in the match, ultimately winning the AEW World Title.

Punk expressed his dissatisfaction with the match, describing it as subpar because he focused more on self-preservation than delivering a stellar performance. He mentioned being wary during the match, particularly after receiving a chop to the mouth, which made him question if it was intentional. The incident tainted the atmosphere and soured the relationship between Punk and Page, serving as the catalyst for the ongoing drama, which remains unresolved over a year later.

Shortly after Double Or Nothing, Punk broke his foot while diving into the crowd during his entrance. When he returned to TV on August 18, Punk surprised everyone by calling out Page during an in-ring segment. The tension escalated, leading to the media scrum at All Out, where Punk called out other wrestlers and ignited the backstage fight.

Punk expressed regret about his actions during the media scrum and subsequently apologized to Khan. He characterized his current relationship with Khan as “great,” acknowledging his initial apology for putting Khan in an uncomfortable position. Punk attributed his frustration during the scrum to feeling ignored despite previously raising concerns with lawyers. However, he acknowledged mishandling the situation and accepted responsibility for his actions.

Punk noted that he generally avoids saying “no comment,” but the intention is to move past the specific events of that night. He believes that the incident was blown out of proportion, highlighting similar controversies in other sports that quickly fade away. Punk attributes the prolonged attention to the injury he sustained and the spreading of falsehoods about the situation, maintaining that accidents happen in life.

Punk revealed that he has not had any communication with Omega or The Young Bucks since the All Out incident, despite his attempts to reach out. When he did make contact, he received messages from lawyers advising him not to communicate with those individuals. Punk expressed uncertainty about whether the lawyers represented Omega and The Young Bucks directly or if a third party was involved.

While professional wrestling often incorporates real-life events into storylines, Punk stated that using the AEW controversy for televised matches that would generate revenue is unlikely to happen.

Punk expressed frustration with being portrayed as the villain in online reports, asserting that he has merely been defending himself. He blamed leaks from within the AEW locker room to wrestling media outlets for contributing to the internal drama.

Punk concluded by expressing his willingness to engage in a comprehensive discussion with all parties involved, emphasizing his openness to resolving the issues. However, he acknowledged that such a conversation has yet

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